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After a long-ass absence (sort of burned out of retro gaming), and with finally a new image editor, I expect to get back in the scene very soon and present you with even more awesome Japanese retro games.

For those of you who actually still come to this blog, I hope you like the new look (Photoshop oh how I missed you).

Please note that some posts will be messed out due to reduced size of the blog, but I plan to fix them all little by little

Also, I need to mention that I'm having some problems with the blog comments. I have my settings to auto approve any new comment, yet for some reason some of your comments still show as pending approval. I really don't know who to fix that unfortunately....

I will approve any new comment as soon as I see them. so if you're there let me know.


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Good to hear, looking forward to new posts!
posted by on 2013-03-27 15:06 [ 編集 ]




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