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電脳学園 icon_pzl.gif
Genre: QUIZ
Release Date: 1989/9
Developer: GAINAX
Media: 5" 2D Floppy Disk x4
● System Specific: PC-8801

dennou1_hiroko_01.png■NEWTYPE SF QUIZ GAME !

The renown animation studio GAINAX made their entry into the videogame scene with「CYBERNETIC HI-SCHOOL」an undressing quiz game that surprisingly became very popular among the PC gaming community of the time.


Studio GAINAX rose to worldwide fame during the mid 90's thanks to their hit TV animation series「NEON GENESIS EVANGELION」. Back in the late 80's however GAINAX was struggling to remain afloat and decided to enter the videogame market as a way to generate some extra profit.

Eventually GAINAX would achieve critical and commercial success on the videogame front as well with their excellent「PRINCESS MAKER」series.

Their debut game「CYBERNETIC HI-SCHOOL」didn't fared that bad neither. In fact some PC fans consider CYBERNETIC HI-SCHOOL a cult series, although certainly it's nowhere near the quality level of PRINCESS MAKER.


For this game you will assume the role of a prospect student who has been selected to enter the super elite cybernetic hi-school. Before that happens though, three of your (hopefully) future female senpai classmates will be testing your knowledge to see if you have what it takes to be a real elite.

dennou1_01.png  dennou1_02.png

The game features a very simple and straightforward adventure part where you can move around the campus and talk to other characters.

This part feels very underdeveloped though, as clearly its only purpose is to separate the three quiz parts.


dennou1_03.pngThe quiz challenges are of course the core part of the game. Here you will face your female evaluators in heated quiz rounds of 25 questions each.

To win a round you must answer correctly to 20 questions whilst mantaining an 80% success ratio. Your goal is to win 4 rounds and force the girls to undress completely.

The questions themselves are perhaps the best thing about the game since they're completely otaku-oriented and therefore can be very enjoyable (not to mention doable) for the average gamer.

It goes without saying that you won't be finding questions about geography, history or politics here, but only about the most popular video games of the time, computers, anime, TV dramas and science fiction.

Believe it or not, someone actually took the time to compile and type down all of the questions in the game. They can be found on this page.


dennou1_hiroko_small.png【 HIROKO SERIZAWA 】

● Age : 16 (Virgo)

● Ocuppation : Class representative

● Hobbies :
Reading and collecting handkerchiefs

HIROKO is by much the most popular character in the CYBER HI-SCHOOL series. She became so popular among the PC gaming fans of the time that GAINAX just had to reuse her design for the heroine of PRINCESS MAKER.

dennou1_hiroko_02.png  dennou1_hiroko_03.png

dennou1_hiroko_04.png  dennou1_hiroko_05.png

dennou1_yuri_small.png【 YURI MANJOME 】

● Age : 17 (Capricorn)

● Ocuppation : Captain of the rhythm Gynmastics team.

● Hobbies : Shopping and sports in general.

I don't really like YURI. Compared to HIROKO and SHIZUKA, she looks like she was drawn by an amateur. Maybe that's how she was supposed to look like, but I found her eyes to be way too big and her jaw way too narrow.

dennou1_yuri_01.png  dennou1_yuri_02.png

dennou1_yuri_03.png  dennou1_yuri_04.png

dennou1_shizuka_small.png【 SHIZUKA JINGUJI 】

● Age : 18 (Taurus)

● Ocuppation : Student council president.

● Hobbies : Folk dancing and tea ceremonies.

I think SHIZUKA's scenes were toned down a bit in the improved「ver2.0」release that came out for the PC-98 and MSX-2 systems. Somehow GAINAX managed to get ver2.0 approved for sale to anyone above 12 years old.

dennou1_shizuka_01.png  dennou1_shizuka_02.png

dennou1_shizuka_03.png  dennou1_shizuka_04.png


I'm actually a big fan of quiz games. And one of the reasons I like them so much is because most every single worthwhile game in the genre uses the whole quiz stuff only as mean to an end, and not as their main appealing factor.

CYBERNETIC HI-SCHOOL however, is a standard and plain quiz game with an extremely short adventure part tacked into it.

To tell you the truth, I still don't know why did this game ever became popular. I know it's not because of the undressing scenes since there were a whole lot of more compelling erotic games around.

Maybe it's because of how okatu-minded the quiz challenges were. But still I don't see how answering 25 + 25 + 25 + 25 questions in a row for one lousy nude scene could ever be considered a worthy or satisfying gameplay experience.

S E E  Y O U  N E X T  G A M E !

(C) GAINAX 1989

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