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Fans of the Super Sentai Series looking for the next cool game might as well keep on looking...


Being honest I've never seen much in the way of actual Super Sentai TV footage, but I dig their concept and I consider myself a fan of the series in general. More importantly, I really enjoyed「HYAKUJUU SENTAI GAORANGER 」and「NINPU SENTAI HURRICANGER」on the PlayStation. They're among my favourite action games on the system and were pretty faithful Super Sentai games.

Yet NINPU SENTAI HURRICANGER came out in 2002, and ever since then I haven't played another Super Sentai Series game. So obviously when I saw the official trailer for SUPER SENTAI BATTLE : RANGER CROSS for the NINTENDO Wii, it immediately became one of my most anticipated upcoming games.

Now that I finally got to play the game though, all I can say is that it has been a colossal disappointment...



SUPER SENTAI BATTLE : RANGER CROSS is an action fighting game of a very simplistic nature. Throughout the adventure you will get to play as the various generations of Super Sentai heroes as you go on beating up bad guys to a pulp - Super Sentai-style.

The bad news is that this process just isn't nowhere as fun as it should have been.

For starters, all characters in the game have one and only one stiff combo attack at their disposal (no variations whatsoever). And while some characters will be more fun to use than others, in general you will probably get bored of most of them by the third time you pull off their mostly lame one combo attacks.



At the start of every stage you will engage in a brief rock, paper, scissors roulette battle. If you win you will be given bonuses to power, defense or speed (or all if you get the Super Sentai Series「V」icon). You can also power up your roulette to gain even stronger bonuses, though in reality you will hardly need any bonuses at all since the game is already incredibly easy at is it.

As a matter of fact I always found myself wanting to lose the roulette battle just so maybe the enemies would put up more of a fight. Seriously, I wish I was joking about the ridiculously easy difficulty, but the sad truth is that most of the times it will actually be harder for you to lose than to clear a stage.

Now, to actually clear a stage you need to use a finishing move. This is done by filling up you「V-Gauge」by picking up「V」power-ups. As you advance in the game you will unlock various new finishing moves for your characters and giant robots, although no matter what type of finishing move you use the knockout animation will always be the same.


How could they mess up Giant Robot Battles ? I mean, come on !

Giant robot fights take place in a 2D plane and are extremely simplistic, not to mention (big surprise) boring. Basically all you have to do is swing the Wii Remote when the screen prompts you to do so and you will autimatically block or attack depending on the situation. Alternatively if you don't feel like shaking the Wii Remote, you can use the standard buttons to attack or block and you will also win 100% guaranteed without any real skill or effort.


SUPER SENTAI BATTLE : RANGER CROSS is a game I desperately wanted to like but it just kept disappointing me at every possible chance. The game lacks just about everything that made the PlayStation Super Sentai games cool.

Thus all in all, SUPER SENTAI BATTLE : RANGER CROSS is a low-budget, uninspired action fighting game that's clearly aimed towards the more younger players. And when I say younger players I mean kids who are just starting to learn how to play games, because kids with any sort of gaming skill will probably find the game as shallow and boring as the rest of us would.

So fans of the Super Sentai Series do youselves a favour and stick with the PlayStation games. Or if you haven't played them, by all means seek them out. They're 100x times better than this game, I assure you.

(C) NAMCO-BANDAI Games 2011

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