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Genre: Shooting
Release Date: 1980
Developer: TOSE
Publisher: SNK
Media: Arcade System Board
● System Specific: ROCKOLA


This is a furious battle game between SASUKE and commanders. The scene is laid in the beautiful city of KYOTO. A great number of commanders are attacking SASUKE with their magics, such as HENSHIN, BUNSHIN, KAEN and HIRYUKEN.

All players should find this game the newest one with many characters and varied sound.


Everyone has heard of SNK (Shin Nihon Kikaku) thanks to some of their popular NEO-GEO game series like「GAROU DENSETSU」,「THE KING OF FIGHTERS」and「METAL SLUG」, among other successful SNK trademark game series. Older players or more dedicated SNK fans may remember some of their pre NEO-GEO productions like「PRISIONERS OF WAR」and「PREHISTORIC ISLE」. However only very few people outside of Japan would know about「SASUKE VS COMMANDER」a forgotten 1980 shooting game responsible for establishing the company's reputation in Japan.


● Game Controls :

2-WAY Joystick... Move SASUKE left and right.

A Button... Shuriken.

SASUKE VS COMMANDER is a simplistic shooting game of the fixed screen type, very similar to the 1979 NAMCO game「GALAXIAN」. The player's goal in the game is to shoot down the ninja commanders that will be flying down the screen at top speed.

● The ninja commanders will attack SASUKE with their shurikens which in turn can be destroyed by the player's own shurikens. Any ninjas that the player fails to defeat in time will vanish from the screen after completing their flight.

● After all the ninjas in a round are defeated, the ninja boss or「OYABUN」will appear to challenge SASUKE to a one on one duel. The OYABUN will use various special techniques to attack SASUKE. The type of attack will change or become increasingly more powerful as the game progresses.

● During boss battles a「MAGIC BONUS」bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. The bar represents the amount of bonus points that can be obtained from defeating the OYABUN and will be decreasing gradually as time advances.

● After every boss fight regardless of the outcome SASUKE will continue to the next round and his attack power will increase.


Green Ninja
Magic Bonus
Magic Bonus


The game features only two background screens : The first one is the beautiful scenery of KYOTO with the five-story pagoda and the traditional DAIMONJI sign burning on the mountain. Here SASUKE must protect the life of SHOGUN and repel the attack of the ninja commanders.

First SASUKE will get attacked by a group of「Red Ninjas」who will serve as the basic enemy units in the game. After all of the red ninjas are defeated, a new group of elite「Green Ninjas」will take their place and continue to attack SASUKE.

Green ninjas fly in group formations and are more aggressive than their red comrades.

When the ninja commanders get hit by your shurikens, they will turn purple as they slowly fall down to the ground. Falling commanders will be your biggest threat since they cannot be destroyed by your shurikens.

For this reason be very careful when shooting a commander. If they are too close to SASUKE, it may be better to just let them pass.


「Odd Number」Stage Boss

「Even Number」Stage Boss

Once all of the ninja commanders in the round have been defeated, the ninja OYABUN will appear to challenge SASUKE to a duel. Here the game will go to the second screen which is a plain-looking mountain side. There are two types of ninja bosses in the game that will be alternating themselves after every stage.

Boss fights are a single hit affair, so the first one to hit his opponent wins. If SASUKE wins, you will get bonus points accordingly to the amount of MAGIC BONUS bar you have left. However if the boss wins, you will lose a life and receive no bonus points. Moreover the boss will summon the red and green ninjas so they can mock SASUKE together. (^^;;

After every boss fight regardless of the outcome, SASUKE's attack power go up one level. This is very helpful because the enemy's speed and aggressiveness will also be increasing considerably after every round.


When all of the player's lives are lost, the game over screen will come up where we will get to see SASUKE trip on a rock and die...

Such a tragic, and ironic ending for our hero... (T^T)

Similar to the majority of the arcade games of the time, SASUKE VS COMMANDER doesn't have any sort of ending or continue option, so pretty much your only goal in the game is to survive the longest time possible in order to achieve the highest possible score. Of course it's important to remember that this used to be all the motivation players needed to have fun playing video games when the game was released.

SASUKE VS COMMANDER is what the Japanese arcade gamers were playing after school in 1980. While the game may come as rudimentary, or just plain archaic for nowadays standards. Back in 1980 it was a very novel game that implemented some refreshing gameplay concepts like boss fights and attack power upgrades that perhaps had already been implemented before, but still weren't mainstream in video games.

SASUKE VS COMMANDER is also one of most fondly remembered arcade games from 1980 in Japan where it is considered a classic. Unfortunately since the game was never released overseas, nor it was ever ported to any home console or PC system - it never gained any notoriety whatsoever outside of the Japanese arcade gaming scene of the early '80s. Still, its success alone in its home country during those years was more than enough to establish the SNK brand name as a noteworthy game publisher.

(C) SNK 1980

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I remember reading about this one in your Gamespot blog. While it does look archaic by todays standards, it still looks like a fun game Anything with ninjas is cool :P

Shame that I probably can't get my hands on this game outside of emulation.
posted by Soldner on 2010-06-14 11:08 [ 編集 ]

He trips on a rock and dies? EPIC!
posted by E123Wario54 on 2010-06-16 15:56 [ 編集 ]




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