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These are some very cool pictures I found around the net of a small game center made up entirely of game prize items (basically the stuff you can win at the real Japanese game centers).

Don't ask me about the characters though, since the only ones I can recognize are REI from EVANGELION and the hero of DRAGON QUEST V.


The left cabinet row is comprised of new and standard SEGA「ASTRO CITY」cabinets. The featured games are (from left to right) : VIRTUA FIGHTER 2, FIGHTING VIPERS, SANDO-R, and GAIN GROUND.

As for the front row - from this side we can see  VIRTUA COP and BEATMAINA 4TH MIX.


On this side we have (again from left to right) : DDR 2ND MIX, SPACE HARRIER, a really retro non-video racing game called SPEED DRIVING, and finally, a prize-less UFO CATCHER game.


I really can't help but think that one of the reasons for the downfall of arcades in the west is that over time most establishments (the biggest, more attractive ones mainly) stopped caring for the regular arcade fan. Thus eventually arcades stopped being a cool place for gamers to hang out frequently, which of course ended up weakening the community and therefore the interest for most people for going out to play games. After all, why bother going out and pay to play games if you're not gonna get something extra?

In Japan however, everything from the ambience, to the prizes you can win, are geared (at least mainly) towards the general game fan. And that's why still to this day the game centers in Japan continue to be popular and have a very strong community support.


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Ha! Awesome find! I can tell you that the two girls in front of Virtua Cop are from the anime series, K-On.
posted by beem1 on 2010-11-20 13:38 [ 編集 ]

Hey HERZOG, how do I get in touch with you? I want to ask you something about the MSX but I don't see any contact email.

You can answer me at reyvgm hotmail dot com
posted by ReyVGM on 2010-12-08 19:26 [ 編集 ]
Retro Game Daisuki! is great!


My name is Catherine Meyers; I work as the admin of a web/blog directory. I have to say, I’m impressed by Retro game Daisuki!, really good original reviews from old good games, Good job!. That is why, I would be delighted to have your blog in my directory, that way my visitors will also visit your website.
If you are interested in this exchange, let me know.

Good luck with your webpage.

Catherine Meyers

P.S: If it helps, and as the poster above me said, the two characters on the top left are Mio and Ritsu from K-on ^^
posted by Catherine Meyers on 2011-03-21 06:00 [ 編集 ]
Re: Retro Game Daisuki! is great!

Sure. I haven't made a new post in a while, but I'm already working on a few ones and I intend to make the blog more lively pretty soon.

By the way, this is the blog where I have most of my retro game articles :
posted by HERZOG on 2011-03-22 15:59 [ 編集 ]




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