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Today I'd like to introduce one of my favourite game music CDs :「RADIO DC」!

It was produced by the SEGA sound team「WAVE MASTER」and released by「MARVELOUS ENTERTAINMENT」on 1999.05.19.

RADIO DC was originally promoted on the conceptual DREAMCAST game「ROOMMANIA #203」 (also developed by WAVE MASTER). The CD presents itself as a live radio program with some amusing intermissions between the music that allude to some DC games like CRAZY TAXI and THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD. It also features prominent Japanese DJ「KATSUYA KOBAYASHI」and his slick talking.

As for the track selection, all I can say is that it's both brillant and surprising. I really don't think they could've picked better tracks for this release.

The tracks included on this CD are :

● Reprise & Deeply Sound Mix "We Are Burning Rangers"「BURNING RANGERS」

My favourite track from BURNING RANGERS, and this is an excellent remixed version of it that sounds less upbeat and more R&B style. This is definitely my favourite version of it.

● Sonic-You Can Do Anything ~Remix from Little Planet~「SONIC CD」

All the SEGA game music compilation CDs that contain this track seem to have ripped it straight from the Sonic CD game disc. It was really about time someone did a complete and enhanced version of this emblematic SONIC game song.


If you've played RISTAR on the MEGA DRIVE, then maybe you remember that one catchy tune with the scratchy voice chorus. Well, the song has been completely revamped for this release, and now features full REGGAEMAN vocals. This is your typical "cute" SONIC TEAM song though, so it's pretty much a love it or hate it track.


A very wacky Japanese-centric song, just like the game. Great version.

● Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu [Re-arranged]「AZEL : PANZER DRAGOON RPG」

While I've always liked this song, the original version is one of those songs that you have to be in a certain mood to really enjoy listening to it. This exclusive re-arranged version makes the song more easy on the ears for your listening pleasure.


Besides the new female singer, this version isn't really that different from the original. Still, A Lullaby is considered by many to be among the very best SEGA game songs, so it's more than a worthy addition.

● after the adventure...「SONIC ADVENTURE & NiGHTS」

A wonderful suave sounding mix of music from SONIC ADVENTURE and NiGHTS. This is certainly the most  pleasantly surprising track of this CD. If the other tracks weren't as fantastic, this CD would still be worth getting only for this track, and the jazz version of the PHANTASY STAR III title. Pure class!

● Theme from Phantasy Star III「PHANTASY STAR III」

The amazing theme from PHANTASY STAR III adapted to cool jazz (!). What WAVE MASTER has done with this track is simply outstanding. This is by much the best version I've ever heard of this track, which from what I can gather is the favourite PHANTASY STAR track among the SEGA sound team, since it has been included in more CDs than any other music track from the PHANTASY STAR series.

I love RADIO DC, and if you're a SEGA music fan, then you will certainly come to love it too! All of the arranged versions found on this release are some of the best you can find, and they're all exclusive to RADIO DC. So if you want to listen to some of the best SEGA game music, then you can't go wrong with this CD.


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