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子育てクイズ マイエンジェル
Genre: Quiz
Release Date: 1996/07
Developer: MOSS
Publisher: NAMCO
Media: Arcade System Board
● System Specific: SETA 2nd Generation


「KOSODATE QUIZ : MY ANGEL」is the first entry in a series of unique quiz simulation games in where players can enjoy assuming the role of a couple of newly parents who must raise their newborn daughter from the age of 0 until the age of 25.

The KOSODATE QUIZ series are notable, among other things, for their accessible gameplay mechanics, top-notch presentation and high replay value.


The game system in KOSODATE QUIZ is probably more difficult to explain than it is to grasp it. The game is quite simple to understand just by playing it, so the following info is just to let you know how the game rules work.


● The gameplay in KOSODATE QUIZ is divided in two stages :「QUIZ」and「EVENT」which together will comprise a year in your daughter's life.

● To advance in the game you must answer the proper amount of questions set by each QUIZ stage. Moreover, answering the questions correctly will reward you with money that will go towards your「Child Support」fund. And of course the quicker your response is, the more money you will receive.

● All questions in the game are divided in 4 different genres which are linked directly to your daughter's 4 personality paramentes. So with each correct answer your daughter's parameters will also be increasing accordingly.

● By default you will be given 3 chances or「Hearts」to clear the game. You will lose a Heart each time you fail a question - Lose all Hearts and the game will be over.


Throughout the game you may (randomly) get the chance to play some QUIZ stages under any of the following special conditions :

「制限時間2倍 !」 = Twice the Time Limit

「3択問題 !!」 = Three Choices Only

「ジャンルセレクト」 = Genre Select


Your daughter has a set of 9 parameters that represent her current personality and vocational interests.

All of your daughter's parameters (with the exception of LOVE) will be modified at the end of each year based on your actions in the QUIZ and EVENT stages.






These are basically your daughter's main parameters. Her personality and appearance will change based on the current highest parameter.





These parameters will affect your daughter's career and job opportunities.


「愛情」= LOVE

This is an unique parameter that can only be increased through certain choices in the EVENT stage. Filling the parameter bar completelty will reward you with an extra Heart.


The EVENT stages are where the most significant events in the life of your daughter will be taking place, and so the choices you will make during in this part will practically decide what type of unique and interesting life your daughter will have.

Basically by listening to the change in the music you will be able to tell if your parenting choices are being considered good or「questionable」. But the most important thing to remember is that in reality there are no bad choices ! Raising your daughter just the way you want is the whole point of the game. So feel free to experiment and see how your daughter reacts to your decisions!


myangel01.pngI really wish you were able to use your own custom names, but I guess it's very easy to see how such a feature could've been abused at the game centers.

Anyway, you can push button 4 to browse through the list of available pre-set names. Just bare in mind that you won't be able to go back to a previous selection.

As for my daughter, I will be naming her「HITOMI」(ひとみ つづく). A fine Japanese name. (and it was either that or「M i s s X」...)


myangel02.png   myangel03.png
HITOMI is hungry and wants to eat! Hmmm... what should we give her?

1. Mother's Milk 0円
2. Powdered Milk 1000円
3. Foie Gras 5000円
4. Cat Food 500円

Foie Gras? Who am I, Bill Gates? Plus I'm on the opinion that nothing beats traditional (and free!) breastfeeding. And well, what do you know? Just as expected HITOMI's LOVE parameter skyrocketted!


myangel04.png   myangel05.png
At just the age of 1 HITOMI's already answering the phone! What a problem child... But for some reason her reward for this mischief will be a picture book.

1. Pizza Flyer 0円
2. Kuwanu Rice Wife 500円
3. Spider's Life 1000円
4. Events of Long Time Ago 2000円

I picked option 4 since it seemed the most interesting. The book seems to be about Queen Marie and her「fun trip」to the guillotine...


myangel06.png   myangel07.png
HITOMI is ready to go out and happily throws off her diapers. I'm not quite sure if that's a good thing or not though...

1. Art Gallery 0円
2. Tokyo Tower 5000円
3. Zoo 5000円
4. Holland Village 15000円

I guess the art gallery wasn't such a good idea after all. But at least the trip seems to have brought out HITOMI's inner artist...


myangel08.png   myangel09.png
It's time for little HITOMI to attend kindergarten. And that means it's also time for her first admittance test.

There's a school for each of your daughter's 4 personality parameters, so just pick the one you'd like to raise.

1. Private SERIOUS Kindergarten
2. Private SEXY Kindergarten
3. Private GEEK Kindergarten
4. Private TOMBOY Kindergarten

I took the GEEK test because it's the easiest and most fun one to do if you're a video game and/or anime fan.


myangel10.png   myangel11.png
HITOMI has invited her first friend over... Without telling me! I guess there's no other choice now than to play host.

▲Note that while some events will be slightly different depending on your daughter's current personality, the choices will always remain the same.

1. Prepare a Hot Bath 0円
2. Throw Out 0円
3. Share Your Cheap Sweets 200円
4. Have Sushi 12000円

I don't want HITOMI to think I'm THAT cheap, so I bought some sushi. I just hope she knows that I'm NOT made of sushi, so she better not be expecting that every time she invites her friends!


myangel12.pngHITOMI is now ready for Primary School, as well as for her next test.

1. STEADY Public Primary School
2. SENSUAL Private Academy
3. OBSESSIVE Private Primary School
4. STURDY Public Primary School

Again I went with the GEEK choice. Science all the way!


myangel13.png   myangel14.png
HITOMI needs a past time. Can't have her goofing around the house all day.

1. Girl Scouts 0円
2. Soroban 10000円
3. Ballet 20000円
4. Piano 50000円

A soroban? Are you kidding me? I wouldn't wish that on an orphan. Ballet classes. Now that's a much better activity for a young girl.


myangel15.png   myangel16.png
This is just terrible ! HITOMI has been kidnapped !!! The criminal is now demanding a ransom...

1. Ignore 0円
2. Call the Police 0円
3. Haggle the ransom sum to 2000円 2000円
4. Pay up 45000円 45000円

This has to be the most disturbing event in all of the KOSODATE QUIZ games. It's just well, disturbing...

In any case, the only good choice here is option 4 since option 2 will have the police killing the criminal in front of HITOMI, and that can't be a good thing.


myangel17.png   myangel18.png
HITOMI seems to have gotten over last year's traumatic experience rather well. But now she has something to confess. Apparently, she has broken a valuable jar.

1. Forgive
2. Punish
3. Praise
4. Attempt to repair it

It seems HITOMI has misinterpreted my words a bit... OH, NOT THE TV ! WAAAAAAAIT ! ! !


myangel19.png   myangel20.png
Uh-oh, it seems HITOMI has become a tomboy, and I fear I may have had something to do with it...

But anyway, HITOMI's school is doing a Cinderella play and she has to be on it.

1. Cinderella
2. Stepmother
3. Witch Grandmother
4. That One Tree

Well, HITOMI asked me to help her pick up a role and we both agreed the Witch Grandmother would be the most fun.


myangel21.png   myangel22.png
It seems HITOMI has caught a sickness. No doubt the consequence of her tomboyish behavior.

1. Neglect
2. Nurse at Home
3. Hot Spring Treatment
4. Hospitalization

It took all our savings but I'm sure hospitalization was the best choice. I'm also glad to hear HITOMI's classmates are helping her to cheer up.


myangel23.pngFortunately HITOMI has gotten back to her sweet old responsible self. And just in time for her high school exam.

1. Public SQUARE High School
2. Private GLAMOUR Academy
3. Private NERD Academy
4. Public VIOLENT High School

I want HITOMI to become a woman of science, so in the future she can make something cool like a giant robot, a portal gun, or a video game console. So naturally I put her on the NERD academy. (^^;


myangel24.png   myangel25.png
HITOMI must pick an extracurricular activity. Nothing that interesting really.

1. Basket Ball Team
2. Astronomy Club
3. Broadcast Club
4. Clubbing

Clubbing? Yeah right. Over my dead body! She has a beautiful voice, so I suggested that she joined the broadcast club.


myangel26.png   myangel27.png
All of a sudden HITOMI rushes to you angrily and challenges your authority!

▲Note that you will only be able to beat or escape your daughter's weaker personalities (SEXY and GEEK). Otherwise she will be kicking your arse. (^^;

1. Accept Her Challenge
2. Try to comfort/calm her
3. Escape
4. Take a Hot Bath Together

OUCH ! ! ! Isnt she supposed to be in a nerd school...!? How...come...she's this...strong... (T^T)


myangel28.png(Sigh) It seems HITOMI has become a fashionista... I hope this phase doesn't last long since she must to study hard for her next admitance test.

This time around the school will raise your daughter's specialty paramenters instead of her personality. You will also need to get at least a 60% answer rating in order to pass the exam.

1. Private HUMANITY Senior High School 20000円
2. Private SOCIAL Senior High School 20000円
3. Public NATURAL Academy 20000円
4. Public Rubbish Senior High School 0円

Your daughter's specialty paramenters will determine which career and job opportunities she will be able to access later on, so choose carefully.


myangel29.png   myangel30.png
I guess it's that time now... HITOMI has brought some long-haired punk to meet us...

1. Kick Out 0円
2. Stick With Them 5000円
3. Cold Treatment 1000円
4. Welcome Dinner 20000円

Of course I took the only rational choice here and kicked his sorry ass out of my house!


myangel31.png   myangel32.png
Well, I'm certainly glad that HITOMI decided to focus on her studies for now. But dear lord Buddah on a lotus flower -- what is that horrible smell!?

1. Eat With Relish
2. Cheat and Pretend to Eat
3. Eat It
4. Have Her Taste It First

HITOMI...!? Are you alright, dearie!? Answer us ! ! !


myangel33.pngThis will be a very important moment in the life of your daughter. Think carefully about what you wish her to become.

Note that each of the options here will have various sub-options of their own. So in order to make this entry as complete as possible, I will be listing them all.

Regardless of which option you pick though, there will be an admitance test waiting for you afterwards.

1. Look for Employment

The options here will vary depending on your daughter's specialty paramenters.

Important Note : Getting a job now is the only way for your daughter to gain access to the best high-end professions later on.

1. 保母さん = Day Care Worker
2. 風俗嬢 = Hostess
3. 漫画家 = Manga Artist
4. プロレスラー = Pro-Wrestler

1. O.L. (Office Lady)
2. 秘書  = Secretary
3. 占師 = Fortune Teller
4. 婦人警官 = Policewoman

1. 農婦 = Farmer
2. 看護婦 = Nurse
3. プログラマ = Programmer
4. トラック 運転手 = Truck Driver

▲The job options are arranged just like your daughter's personalities : 1. SERIOUS 2. SEXY 3. GEEK 4. TOMBOY

2. Vocational School Entrance

1. HUMANITY Vocational School 40000円
2. SOCIAL Vocational School 40000円
3. NATURAL Vocational School 40000円
4. Rubbish Vocational School 0円

3. University Entrance

1. Economic University 0円
2. Deluxe University 100000円

It's rather perplexing (not to mention disappointing) that a choosing a higher education will only let your daughter acess the middle-range careers. You'd think it would be the other way around...

■HITOMI AGE 18 : PART-TIME JOB (University Side)

myangel34.png   myangel35.png
The university isn't cheap so HITOMI must look for a part-time job.

1. Tutoress
2. Waitress
3. Model
4. Construction Worker

Maybe I should have suggested her to be a tutoress, but waitress sounded less stressful and better paid.


(Note that this event will be different depending on your daughter's job)

myangel40.png   myangel41.png
In an interesting turn of events HITOMI has become a pro-wrestler under the name of 「WONDER H」. Of course I'm going to see her debut!

B Seat 0円
A Seat 5000円
S Seat 10000円
SS Seat 50000円

You'd think that the wrestler's family members would be given courtesy tickets... Damn you All-Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling Corporation !


myangel36.png   myangel37.png
This brings back some sour memories, but HITOMI's relationship is more serious now and I just can't kick his boyfriend out this time around... Ugh... I better come up with a good strategy!

1. I'm Not Here Strategy 0円
2. Drunk Strategy 10000円
3. Weird Old Man Strategy 100円
4. Animal Strategy 5000円

(Sigh) Why do I have to put up with this...? (Cries)

■HITOMI AGE 20 : COMING OF AGE DAY (University Side)

myangel38.png   myangel39.png
Ah, HITOMI has become such a beautiful young lady... Now it's time for her coming of age ceremony.

1. Swimsuit 0円
2. Nude 100000円
3. Dress 30000円
4. Furisode 50000円

It brings tears to my eyes to see HITOMI as a full-grown Japanese woman. (T^T)

(Because there are no further unique events related to it, the University Side part ends here)


myangel42.pngHITOMI can get a better job now and she has chosen to become a lawyer.

Defense attorney by day and pro-wrestler by night -- Just how awesome is that?

Here's the list of the possible career choices :

1. 弁護士 = Lawyer
2. アナウンサー = Announcer
3. 外交官 = Diplomat
4. 社長 = Company President

1. 新聞記者 = Newspaper Reporter
2. 女優 = Actress
3. 彫刻家 = Sculptor
4. デザイナー = Designer

1. 建築家 = Architect
2. スチュワーデス = Stewartess
3. 科学者 = Scientist
4. 獣医 = Veterinarian


myangel43.png   myangel44.png
HITOMI needs a break from all the nerve-breaking turnabout trials and though wrestling matches.

1. Home Banquet 0円
2. Go Shopping 20000円
3. Karaoke 10000円
4. Hot Spring Treatment 60000円

I reckon the hot springs should ease away some of her tension. (^^;


myangel45.png   myangel46.png
HITOMI has brought her boyfriend home... AGAIN!

1. I'm Not Here Strategy 0円
2. Drunk Strategy 10000円
3. Weird Old Man Strategy 100円
4. Animal Strategy 5000円

I guess this guy isn't half-bad after all... (Hic)


myangel47.pngWell, this is it. These are the ultimate career choices. All the hard work has finally paid off!

1. Best-Seller Author
2. National Diet Member
3. Astronaut

My dreams have come true! HITOMI has finally decided to become an Astronaut! Tears are falling from my eyes like waterfalls... (T^T)


myangel48.png   myangel49.png
The Earth is blue, there is no god, etc. Now -- time to do some science!

1. Kabocha 0円
2. Dog 30000円
3. Cat 30000円
4. Snake 30000円

I'm not gonna let HITOMI endanger some poor animal, so I gave her a kabocha instead. (^^;

■HITOMI AGE 25 。。。


myangel50.png   myangel51.png
Well, isn't this just great? HITOMI is getting married and me and her mother have to get a second job to pay for the wedding... What kind of unfair society is this!?

1. By all means
2. I'm happy for you
3. It can't be helped if you love each other
4. Swap son-in-law

Since I'm the one paying for all this, it's only fair that I get to choose what type of wedding it will be.







▲Hilarious ending, but not completely random. Although unfortunately I didn't get to cover it on my walkthrough. Some jobs allowed you to meet with a Bibalinba tribesman that was visiting japan.

S E E  Y O U  N E X T  G A M E !

(C) NAMCO-BANDAI Games 1996

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Unique indeed

This probably the most unique and inspiring game for a while, interesting plot with simple gameplay, thanks for the easy guide mate :)
posted by kesadisan on 2012-11-25 00:39 [ 編集 ]




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