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スーパーリアル麻雀 PII
Genre: Mahjong
Release Date: 1987/06
Developer: SETA
Publisher: SETA
Media: Arcade System Board
● System Specific: Unique Hardware

■The hit Mahjong game that introduced the first animated undressing scene!

is a long-running series of「Undressing Mahjong」games notable for their trademark outstanding animation scenes and charming cast of heroines.

Although the original concept of the series was a super realistic recreation of Mahjong. This idea alone proved unsuccessful when PI was met with a lackluster reception and became a commercial failure

3 months later however, the series developer SETA introduced the lovely anime girl「SHOWKO」, whose inclusion alone turned PII (which otherwise is virtually identical to PI) into the most hyped arcade Mahjong game of the time, as well as the top-selling arcade Mahjong game of that year.


The main selling point of PI was its realistic and smoothly animated Mahjong part that fortunately (for the most part anyway) remains exactly the same in PII.

srmp2_02.png  srmp2_01.png
The way the character's hands interact with the Mahjong tiles was very impressive to see at the time. The hand of your woman opponent in particular is the most expressive, so you will be seeing her doing things like smoking a cigarette when she's nervous, or tapping the table when she gets impatient.

It's too bad SETA didn't bothered to redraw the woman's hands to make them resemble those of SHOWKO. This in my opinion is a very relevant visual flaw because you really don't get the impression that you're playing against her.


・Win a round to make SHOWKO take off her clothes.
・The game will be over if your points get to 0.
・There is no ending or continue option.

PII also became known at the time for it's incredibly frustrating difficulty level. An issue that unfortunately gets much worse due to the game's lack of a continue option.

Nowadays you can get around the atrocious difficulty level by playing the game on the MAME emulator and using its handy state save feature. However back then it was a totally different story, and even the most expert Mahjong players required a considerable amount of luck (and coins!) if they wanted to see all of what the lovely SHOWKO had to offer.


After the poor sales performance of PI, SETA realized they had to reinvent the series quickly, and more importantly, they realized the series just couldn't do without the「undressing gal」element that historically has made the Mahjong game genre such a big hit at the amusement game centers since the beginning.

Fortunately, SETA succeeded in their task to reinvent the series in probably the best possible way. And after hiring help of the prolific anime artist「RYO TANAKA (田中 良). They came up with a whole new concept for the series: To have the highest-quality and most rewarding undressing scenes in the genre.

The result couldn't have been any better for the company since PII became an almost instant hit. The players of the time became fascinated with the new heroine and her superbly animated undressing show. The two key game features that from this point on would become the trademark characteristics of the series.


・Age : 17
・Birthday : December 9th (Sagittarius)
・Height : 161cm
・Three Size : B84 / W62 / H89
・Blood Type : AB
・Occupation : 2nd year at the Ryokuyou High School (Cheerleading team)
・Special Interests : Reading, TV, Shopping, Movies, Bowling
・Favourite Things : Tsukune (a chicken or fish meatloaft made with eggs), Traveling
・Dislikes : Cockroaches

(C) SETA 1987

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Love reading your stuff!
posted by Trickless on 2010-07-20 11:54 [ 編集 ]




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