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The renowned Software House「MASAYA」became one of my favouirte game developers during the 16-bit era due to the excellent line-up of games they released for my two systems of choice from that time: the PC-ENGINE and MEGA DRIVE.

Some of the most noteworthy games MASAYA released on the MD include「ASSAULT SUIT LEYNOS」「LANGRISSER」,「GLEY LANCER」,「VIXEN 357」among others. However one of their games that most comes to my attention is「EXPLODE STAR」a game with an apparently interestingly enough premise that unfortunately for some reason or other was never released.

explodestar01.jpg  explodestar02.jpg
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Not much is known about the game apart from the info given on a two-side flyer from 1990 (shown above) which explains the game's story and how to play it. Most importantly the game was labeled a「PUZZLE・ACTION・GAME」and was to be released as a 2 MEGA ROM cartridge.

But in spite that there was never any more info whatsoever about the game. If we take into account alone the high percent of quality games that MASAYA was releasing at that time, then we have more than enough reasons to think that EXPLODE STAR could have been a nice addition to MASAYA's remarkable MD game line-up.

It's a real shame this game was never released. The premise at least sure looked promising.


2010-06-17 01:38|Daisuki GeneralComments:3Trackback:0▲TOP



Sucks how some games were never released. Never actually knew about this one (of course you did ;) but some games like Sonic Crackers and Star Fox 2 looked promising. This one is some mystery, since it could have been an awesome game, but not even a demo or prototype or something was released? Only a flyer? Now that's cruel. D= I'm sure they had their reasons, but really? Why do they gotta let the fans down like that? (Also, I see you're playing some new games. Final Zone Wolf looks cool. =D)
posted by E123Wario54 on 2010-06-17 11:18 [ 編集 ]
western release

commenting a little late here, but i remember seeing a bit about explode star on chris covell's website ( turns out the game did get a release, of sorts; it came out in america as trampoline terror (

althouhg i kind of wish they'd have picked gleylancer to release in the states instead. :\
posted by sharc on 2010-11-22 18:57 [ 編集 ]
Re: western release

The game was released only in America. No wonder why I don't remember the game at all!

But this is certainly very interesting stuff! Thanks for posting it.

Also, the cover shows a westernized version of the game's hero, but it's certainly the same one.
posted by HERZOG on 2010-12-15 22:56 [ 編集 ]




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