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Well it seems that the worst has happened and I have no other option but to move to another blog...

There's doesn't seem to be a way back from the Japanese blog setting, and since this setting doesn't allow comments to be only alpha numerical format, that's pretty much a death sentence to an English language based  blog like this one.

It's incredibly lame that I have to leave the blog that I've been on for years now due to such an stupid mistake. I mean, I still can't believe fc2 doesn't allow Japanese users to change language.

Still, that's how things are and I guess there's no use complaining about it now...

Please free to visit my new blog on the following adress :


Mind you it's still way under construction, but that's where I'm plan lingering from now on.

Please feel free to visit, comment , and rate on the new adress and help me generate some traffic.

I appreciate all the visits that you've given to this blog.

S E E  Y O U  N E X T  GA M E !

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