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Adopt your very own Golden Ogre fish today !

Quite a while ago I noticed that various Japanese retro game blogs had this cool flash animation of the bad-ass GOLDEN OGRE boss from「DARIUS GAIDEN」running in one of their side columns. Of course I forgot all about it just as fast, but fortunately not before I bookmarked the page.

Recently (before the quake/tsunami/nuclear tragedy happened in Japan) I purchased a copy of the original TAITO F3 System cartridge version of「DARIUS GAIDEN : EXTRA EDITION」. And while I was unpacking it I suddenly remembered the flash animation and that I had stored the bookmark for it.

The legendary ONIKINME/GOLDEN OGRE fish in all of his charming glory.

So, after testing the game for a while I went to check the bookmark only to find that the page was among the many pages that went down when Infoseek closed its doors. At that time I said "oh well, it was a cool animation".

Of course later on I also remembered that the Internet Archive (which I have used countless times before) existed... So after facepalming myself for a few minutes I checked the page through the wayback machine and was very happy to discover that the actual flash file wasn't stored on Infoseek.

So for all those interested, here's the original links. Enjoy!

Large size (320x240) display.

Small size (160x120) display.


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