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Retro Tokusatsu A-Go-Go !

Today I'd like to reminsce about some of my favourite retro tokusatsu (live-action special film) TV shows. Here's three of them, feel free to tell me what you think!

・ロボット8ちゃん (ROBOT 8-CHAN) - 1981

Watching the opening of this show always makes me chuckle! ROBOT 8-CHAN is among the few tokusatsu programs I've got to see a re-run of it while I was a kid, so I have very fond memories of it. Being honest though, I don't think I ever quite understood what was going on in the show at the time. (^^;;

I even actually owned a ROBOT 8-CHAN toy figure when I was a kid. From what I can remember it was very cool, extremelly well-made for it's time, and heavy!

I wish I still had it... (T^T)

・がんばれ!!ロボコン (GANBARE!! ROBOCON) - 1974

Done by the great SHOTARU ISHINOMORI (the creator of CYBORG 009), this show was aired well before my time, so I never did watched it first-hand. Still, GAMBARE!! ROBOCON is certainly among the most hilarious (and well made!) tokusatsu programs I've seen (on 0:28 you can see very clearly one of the crew's strings though (^^;; )

For the '70s, I think this was the closest a live-action TV show got at resembling an actual manga or anime. I specially like all the little details and attention put into ROBOCON. The way they made so many little gadges come out of the costume, how the big clockwork key-thingie on top is always spinning, and how different ROBOCON eyes were used to show emotion. Definitely a top-notch show!

・SPIDER-MAN - 1978

Ok, let's just say that SPIDER-MAN in Japan was a "little" different than his American counterpart... (^^;;

Instead of PETER PARKER we have TAKUYA YAMASHIRO, a young motorcycle racer who sees an UFO falling to earth. The UFO turns out to be a spaceship called the「MARVELLER」which comes from planet「SPIDER」. The last surivor of SPIDER then gives TAKUYA the「Spider Bracelet」, which as you all probably already figured it out gives TAKUYA spider-like super powers.

Most interestingly is that SPIDER-MAN can summon the MARVELLER and make it transform into a super robot called LEOPARDON (!) (on 0:47 you can clearly hear SPIDEY yell「CHARGE LEOPARDON !!」)

I could be wrong, but I think the show is actually well-known by now overseas (or at least in America), so I guess many of you have seen it or heard of it already. If not, you can check the Wikipedia article on it for more info. The show is quite... interesting to say the least. (^^;;


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