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「THE WORLD OF SEGA GAMES」Promotional Video

This is an awesome original animation promotional video for the manga series「セガのゲームは世界いちぃぃぃ!」by anime and manga artist TAKAHIRO YOSHIMATSU (吉松 孝博). The video was released in a supplementary GD-ROM of the DREAMCAST magazine「DRIMAGA」.

The manga series became a hit thanks to the main character「CASKO-SAN」, who is portrayed as a Japanese teenage girl on a sailor suit with a DREAMCAST console for a head. CASKO-SAN became pretty much the iconic character that ended up representing the DREAMCAST fan support in Japan.

This was the only anime promo video ever done for the series, and it is an excellent animation video, so I really recommend you watching it.

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ZUNTATA「DADDY MULK」Live at the Game Music Festival '90

This is a video of the TAITO Sound Team band ZUNTATA live at the Game Music Festival '90.

This was certainly one of the band's most legendary performances, and they are playing one of my all-time favourite game music tracks「DADDY MULK」from the 1987 arcade game「THE NINJA WARRIORS」.

Remember that these were the people that composed and played the music on some of the the best TAITO arcade games from the '80s and '90s. So it's definetly worth watching.

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「SPACE INVADERS」is widely considered to be one of the most influential games in the history of video games. It is also considered the game that revolutionized the video game industry and brought it to a new level of worldwide mainstream appeal.

When SPACE INVADERS first landed in 1978 it caused a popular phenomenon in Japan that no other arcade game ever since has ever come close to replicate. Specialty game centers (they still weren't called like that of course) would open up with nothing but SPACE INVADERS cabinets. Many coffee shops and other general goods stores also removed their products and converted into SPACE INVADER game centers overnight. Some of which were open 24 hours a day!

invader01.jpg  invader02.jpg
SPACE INVADERS shocked the Japanese economy in the late '70s. The demand to play the game was so high that it caused a shortage and a subsequent production increase of ¥100 coins.

These types of places became known as「INVADERS HOUSES」and were basically the foundation of the game centers or video arcades we got to know better in the '80s.

The following is a pretty cool music video inspired on the Japanese INVADER HOUSES. The video features live footage from the late '70s so those of us who still weren't around at the time can get an idea of the craze generated by SPACE INVADERS.

The video also mixes footage from the early '80s anime「GAME CENTER ARASHI」where arcade games like SPACE INVADERS play a big role in the story.

Both the music and the video are very well put together so it's certainly worth watching by any retro game fan.

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